"Pretty much every organization obsesses over stats and metrics, sales and profits...almost nobody obsesses over the individual sales professionals expected to consistently drive those results. I do"

Thomas Wren

The 'State of Play' 2022; SaaS Sales Professionals - Survey.

Hey, this is Thomas 👋

If you've been in SaaS / Tech sales for more than a year, you'll no doubt have seen (or experienced first-hand) what the constant pressure, uncertainty and expectations can do to individual sales professionals...

Burnout, negative impacts on mental/physical health, and much more.

However, it doesn't have to be this way!

That's why we at The Empowered Seller are conducting a larger-scale survey collecting results from individuals, across companies, across geographies and across seniority/experience tiers.

Why is this so important?

To gather a sizeable amount of data, to make sense of it, and to present back results & insights to individuals, teams and organizations...and enhance industry understanding and awareness, but more than that...

To EMPOWER the individual SaaS sales professional.

Can you help us understand where our industry (SaaS sales) is at right now?

The survey only takes 5-7 minutes. 

By completing the survey you will gain full access to results, insights and resources when finished.

You can choose to remain anonymous if preferred. 

To Take The Survey - Click Start Below:

State of Play 2022 - SaaS sales professionals