How Matt went from almost burning out trying to salvage his lacking pipeline... to hitting near 200% of his number in Q1 2022

Name: Matt Norman

Title: Strategic Account Manager

Company: BMC Software

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Matt came to The Empowered Seller with 7 years experience in SaaS/tech sales.

He’d previously been a top performer with a great history of success.

But things had taken a turn for the worse.

After recently switching jobs, he wasn't getting enough swings at the bat in his new position.

With pipeline drying up and no deals to close, it was weighing on him mentally.

His confidence had taken a knock.

He began questioning himself.

"Man, I've only been doing this for 7 years, and I'm feeling like I'm approaching burnout... what am I going to feel like in another 10 years from now?"

Matt was working 60+ hours a week and couldn't turn things around.

He wasn't sure what to do next, and felt like he was going to hit burnout.

The Process

Working together, we identified his strengths and weaknesses within our Strategic Operating System.

We uncovered his major gaps so he had total clarity on his path forwards.

We focused on going deep into what matters to him, what he values, and helped him decide on his direction and longer term strategic growth.

We delved into the cause and effect of his day to day activities, and identified where Matt was exerting effort and energy on low ROI tasks to eliminate or delegate them.

Together, we set clear goals and put a plan in place where he could leverage high value activities for exponential returns.

Matt was able to uncover his biggest strengths so he could leverage them to their full potential, evolving into his new Empowering Identity - Matt 2.0!

The Results

  • Matt hit near 200% of his number in Q1, 2022 (less than 3 months into working with us).
  • After going through the program, Matt's excitement and energy levels are '10/10' for the year ahead.
  • He's clear on his goals and plan. Confident he'll hit 250%+ of his number in 2022.
  • Matt's relationships outside of work are better than ever!
  • His self-awareness is sky high, he prioritises his time effectively and he's confident he knows what his next moves are weeks ahead of time.

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