How Jon went from zero pipeline & feeling inauthentic in a new sales role... to hitting 186% of quota within 3 months!

Name: Jon Ridley

Title: Strategic Account Manager

Company: Alation

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Jon went from having a great track-record of success, working in enterprise sales roles for 8 years at companies like HP, Newix, Hitachi, MongoDB and Vantara…

But, in early 2021, he suffered burnout and a major health issue that derailed his sales career.

He joined The Empowered Seller in December 2021, and had just taken on a new and exciting role at the Silicon Valley startup - Alation.

“It was a Landmark opportunity in my career, but I was in a purgatory type situation where I could see colleagues around me being successful, and I was wanting to seize the opportunity for myself…”

But Jon felt distorted after going from hero to zero over the last 12 months.

He was struggling in his new role and wasn’t sure which sales skills and tools to best deploy in his armoury.

“I felt like I was performing a particular role instead of being authentically ‘me’.”

He had a huge, overwhelming will to succeed, but wasn’t sure on his direction and feared burning out again.

The Process

  • We put together a strategic plan of action for Jon, working through our Strategic Operating System (SOS) to realign his Energy Towers.
  • We worked on realizing his strengths through our A___ E__ Method to build authentic confidence and transform into the sales pro he wanted to become.
  • We planned out Jon’s “Rocket Quarters” focusing on prioritizing high leverage actions while building out a tailored process so he can plan ahead and execute on the 80/20 ROI tasks that lead to huge results.

The Results

Jon can now switch off after work, while he completes our SaaS sales-specific shut-down
EDO Technique to help him reflect and take incrementally improved actions each day, compounding his efforts.

In Q1 2022, Jon hit 186% of his number for the quarter - which equates to 46% for the year already, with 9 months left...!

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