About The Empowered Seller

For years now we’ve been helping SaaS sales professionals achieve “6-Figure Zen”. Here you’ll learn: Who we help, What we do, our Philosophy, Story, and Team members.

Who we help

We help SaaS sales professionals who hold a quota with an OTE of $100k-$999k.

These SaaS sales pros have all the raw attributes to achieve 6-Figure Zen but they lack the structures, systems, support, tools, mentorship and guidance on how to get there.

What do we do

We help these SaaS sales professionals achieve “6-Figure Zen” — a setup with predictable earnings free of complexity, working 40 hour weeks (or less), happy clients, and genuine work/life balance.

We do this through our training program: The Empowered Seller (TES). TES aims to maximize: Earnings, confidence, clarity & fulfilment. TES aims to minimize: Complexity, wastage & stress.

Our philosophy

"6-Figure Zen" is the perfect balance between earnings, personal growth & happiness. To achieve this balance, we follow a philosophy built on six core principles:

  • 1. Results - above all, we are driven by results.
  • 2. Focus - keep the main thing the main thing.
  • 3. Simplicity - do more with less.
  • 4. Discipline - freedom comes from discipline.
  • 5. Quality - relationships, work, everything.
  • 6. Joy - if its not fun, you are doing it wrong.

Our story

Part 1. Out to hustle

It all started back in 2010 when I (Thomas Wren) began a career in technology sales. I didn’t know many things back then, but I did know that I loved working in this part of the business - the beating heart of it all. And for the most part I was doing great. I loved the hustle, the thrill, the energy, the earnings…and I chased. Successive promotions soon followed.

Part 2. Misalignment hurts

At a young age I made it into sales leadership. However, that chasing and sacrifice lead to my health and relationships suffering. What made it MUCH worse is that I have Crohn’s Disease; a chronic auto-immune disease whereby my body was literally attacking itself. Under severe work-related stress it got so bad that my Doctor insisted “Thomas, you really ought to find a career where stress is not part of the job. Sales is not for you”.

Part 3. Searching for answers

Young and stubborn, I decided to ignore his well-meaning advice and find a way to make it work. But...I had no idea where to start. So I sought out experts; I trained personally with the Iceman Wim Hof in the frozen mountains of Poland. I lived with Buddhist monks in remote parts of Asia in absolute silence for days on end. I tried everything; dedicating endless hours to study and spending tens of thousands on courses, methodologies, books, events.

Part 4. A major ephiphany

I learnt that I didn’t have to compromise; It was never an either/or situation with wealth, health and happiness. And as I realigned myself and overcame my challenges, my own sales team and peers increasingly began residing with me. I particularly enjoyed supporting them. Then something big - all the while I was trying to ‘Build An Empire’, when I realised my actual mission was to ‘Build And Empower’. I shifted to coaching full-time and I’ve never looked back.

Part 5. Finding zen

Working on a 1:1 basis with dozens of SaaS sales pros - I gained deep insights on what works and what doesn’t work on both an industry-wide level, and an individual basis. Gaining continuous feedback from working with my students, organically a system began to develop that helps my students get massive results. The idea was simple; More, with less. To maximize earnings, confidence, clarity & fulfilment and minimize complexity, wastage & stress. I believe we have the perfect model. I call it “6-Figure Zen” - I live it, and I teach it too.

Our team

We’re a super-passionate & dedicated team of people;

Thomas Wren

CEO | Mentor | Sensei 🥷

Mentors & coaches students, builds cool products & creates the vision

James Richardson

Growth Director 🚀

Turns vision into strategy, keeps The Empowered Seller machine flying high

Rick Wescott

Client Consultant 🤝

Leads and guides new students to finding & following the right path

Jessica Aldamere

Marketing Lead ⭐️

Runs campaigns that bring SaaS sales pros closer to 6-Figure Zen

How to get started

If you’re a SaaS sales professional and wish to achieve the perfect balance between achieving your earnings potential, while increasing your relationships, health & happiness yourself -

Schedule a call using the calendar below, and either Thomas or someone from the team will contact you to see if The Empowered Seller Program is a good fit.

Contacting us

You can reach us by email - [email protected] .

You can follow Thomas Wren on LinkedIn here.

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